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Stewardship talk - Giving - not just about money -

I gave this Stewardship talk several years ago when we had no full-time priest.  Lay people were filling as many shoes as we could.  Perhaps we should always strive to discern how God is calling us to pledge our time and talents as well as our money. Let us pray.  May only the word of God be spoken.  And may only the word of God be heard.  Amen. I borrowed that prayer from The Rev. Barbara Crafton who was our priest-in-residence at the University of the South at Sewanee this past July when I attended the Church Musician's Conference.  Barbara led our lecture series and our worship services.  I have often wondered what it would be like to stand up and talk to a group or prepare a sermon. As it turns out, standing here is the easy part.  Discerning what God was leading me to say was the hard part.  So I do pray that only His word will be spoken and only His word will be heard. I am here today to kick off our stewardship campaign.  As usual, your pledge cards will be mailed.  Than

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